Steven Conolly

Montford G. Cook Endowed Chair

Professor, Department of Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, UC Berkeley

Research: Medical imaging with an emphasis on magnetics, including Magnetic Particle Imaging (MPI) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and magnetic susceptibility matching for improved MRI.

PhD Stanford University, Electrical Engineering, with Professor Albert Macovski
MS Stanford University, Electrical Engineering
BS Boston University, Electrical Engineering

Current Graduate Students and Visiting Scholars

K. L. Barry Fung

BASc University of Toronto, Engineering Science (Physics)

Caylin Colson

BS Louisiana Tech University, Electrical Engineering
BS Louisiana Tech University, Physics

Quincy L. Huynh

MS UC Berkeley, Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences
BS UC Berkeley, Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences

Chinmoy Saayujya

BS UC Berkeley, Bioengineering

Post-Doctoral Fellows and Research Staff

Prashant Chandrasekharan, PhD

PhD National University of Singapore
Postdoctoral Researcher, SBIC, A*STAR

Ben Fellows, PhD

PhD Clemson University, Materials Sciences

Irati Rodrigo-Arrizabalaga, PhD

PhD Universidad del Pais Vasco Euskal Herrikio Unibertsitatea, Electricity & Electronics

Undergraduate Students

  • Jacob Bryan
  • Renesmee Kuo
  • Emma Wawryznek

Alumni of BISL

Patrick Goodwill, PhD

PhD, Bioengineering (’10)

Pioneered MPI at BISL
Co-Founder, Magnetic Insight

Bo Zheng, PhD

PhD, Bioengineering (’15)

Lead Hardware Researcher at BISL
Now at Philips Healthcare

Yao Lu, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar (’20)

Now Postdoc at UCSF Ophthalmology

Xinyi Y. Zhou

PhD, Bioengineering (’19)

Now at Triple Ring Technologies

Unai Ayucar Carbajo

Visiting Scholar (’19)

Now at Tecnun Universidad de Navarra, Spain

Zhi Wei Tay, PhD

PhD, BioEngineering (’18)

Now at SBIC A*STAR,Singapore

Elaine Yu, PhD

PhD, BioEngineering (’17)

Now at iRhythm Technologies

Daniel Hensley, PhD

PhD, BioEngineering (’17)

Now at Edge Analytics

Ryan Orendorff, PhD

PhD, BioEngineering (’17)

Now at Facebook

Yueting Shi

Visiting PhD (’17), Beijing Institute of Technology

Now at Beijing Institute of Technology

Paul Keselman, PhD

PhD, Bioengineering (’16)

Now at University of Kansas Medical Center

Kuan Lu, PhD

PhD, BioEngineering (’15)

Now at Novo Nordisk

Nicole Hinterburger

Masters of Engineering (’15), Technical University of Munich

Friso Heslinga

Masters of Engineering (’15), University of Twente

Now PhD Candidate at Eindhoven University of Technology

Justin Konkle, PhD

PhD, BioEngineering (’14)

Now at Magnetic Insight

Emine Saritas, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar

Now at Assistant Professor at Bilken University

Laura Rose Croft, PhD

PhD, Bioengineering (’13)

Now at Booz Allen Hamilton

Gary Lee, PhD

PhD, Bioengineering (’12)
Now at Carl Zeiss Meditec

Weiwen Cui – Undergraduate (’21), now at Johns Hopkins

Leyla Kabuli – Undergraduate (’21), now at UC Berkeley EECS

David Mai – Undergraduate (’19), now at UPenn

Dilveen Goraya – Undergraduate (’18), now at iRhythm 

Kenneth Jeffris – Undergraduate (’18), now at ProteinSimple 

Andrew Hild – Undergraduate (’17), now at Illumina

Aiswarya Akumalla – Undergraduate (’17), now at UCSD EE

Jason Luke – Undergraduate (’17), now at UCB MechE

Laura Taylor – Undergraduate (’17), now at ‚ÄčHJ Science & Technology, inc.

Beliz Gunel – Undergraduate (’17), now at Stanford EE

Mindy Bishop – Undergraduate (’16), now at Harvard-MIT HST

Nitish Padmanaban – Undergraduate (’15), now at Stanford EE

Patricia Yen – Undergraduate (’14), now at MIT Material Science

Neerav Dixit – Undergraduate (’14), now at Stanford EE

Di Xiao – Undergraduate (’14), MS UMTC EE, now at Intel

Ada Li – Undergraduate (’14), now at MIT Sloan School of Management

Arkosnato Neogy – M.S. Electrical Engineering (’13), now at

Daniel Price – Undergraduate (’13), MS BME/MBA Oxford, now CEO of Breadware

Wisely Yang – Undergraduate (’13), MS EE UCLA, now at Apple

Jeff McCormick – Undergraduate (’12), now at UCLA Biochemistry

Pamela Tiet, PhD – Undergraduate (’12), PhD City of Hope, now at UNC Pharmacy

George Zhang – Undergraduate (’12)

Kevin Phuong – Undergraduate (’11), MS EE Stanford, now at Google

Rohit Pidaparthi – Undergraduate (’10), MS EE Stanford, now at Google

Carlos Ruiz – Undergraduate (’10), MS BME UC Irvine, now at Intel

Ethan Johnson, PhD – Undergraduate (’09), PhD EE Stanford, now at Northwestern

Chen Lu, PhD – Undergraduate (’09), PhD EECS MIT, now at Waymo

Arbi Tamrazian – Undergraduate (’09), MS EE Stanford, now at DexYP