Summer 2021 – Welcome to our new Lab Members: Postdoctoral Researcher Irati Rodrigo, PhD, who joins us from the Universidad del Pais Vasco, as well as undergraduate researchers, Renesmee Kuo, Jacob Bryan, and Emma Wawrzynek!

April 2021 – Congratulations to our undergrad researchers, Weiwen (Vicky) Cui and Leyla Kabuli on their acceptance to graduate school! Vicky will be off to Johns Hopkins for a PhD in Bioengineering, while Leyla will be remaining at Berkeley for a PhD in EECS. Leyla was also awarded the distinguished University Medal at graduation.

January 2021 – Our new paper on neutrophil tracking is available freely at Nanotheranostics. Congratulations to authors Prashant, Barry and Xinyi!

August 2020 – Congratulations to our latest graduating student, Xinyi Zhou, PhD! Xinyi’s thesis pioneering first in vivo applications and nanoparticles landed her a job at Triple Ring Technologies as a bioengineer.

April 2019 – Congratulations to our undergraduate researchers, David Mai and Chinmoy Saayujya, on their acceptance to graduate school! David will be pursuing a PhD in Bioengineering at University of Pennsylvania and Chinmoy will be pursuing a PhD in EECS at UC Berkeley with our group.

Spring 2019 – Welcome to our new undergraduate researchers, Megan Handley, Leyla Kabuli, and Vicky Cui! Megan and Vicky are currently pursuing a BS in bioengineering at UC Berkeley, while Leyla is pursuing a BS in EECS at UC Berkeley.

Fall 2018 – Welcome to the newest undergraduate researcher to our lab, Tejal Gala. Tejal is pursuing an BS in bioengineering at UC Berkeley

September 2018 –Welcome to our newest Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Ph.D. student, Quincy Huynh! Quincy previously earned his Master’s and B.S. in EECS at UC Berkeley, and we are delighted to have him continue with us. We are also joined by two new Postdoctoral Researchers, Benjamin Fellows, PhD and Yao Lu, PhD. Ben obtained his PhD in Material Sciences at Clemson University, and Yao obtained his PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. 

May 2018 – Congratulations on the graduation of our undergraduate researcher Kenny Jeffris, and graduate student Zhi Wei Tay, PhD! Kenny graduated with a BS in Bioengineering and a minor in EECS, and will be headed to ProteinSimple in San Jose, CA. Zhi Wei graduated with a PhD in Bioengineering and will be headed to the Singapore Bioimaging Consortium in Singapore.

April 2017First in vivo MPI of lung perfusion in rats. 

May 2016 – Press release from UC Berkeley: What you see is what you’ve got. Magnetic Particle Imaging – Conolly Lab builds the next big thing in medical imaging.